Recent Publications

Everyone Is an Entrepreneur: Selling Economic Self-Determination in a Post-Soviet World is a unique kind of business book that puts the emphasis on explaining universal economic principles in ways that are applicable to people in all cultural circumstances. It was directly inspired by author Gregory Diehl’s experiences traveling the world and living in the post-Soviet economy of Armenia, observing how unconscious cultural holdovers from the communist Soviet era continue to shape people’s paradigms.

“An intelligent exploration of the psychology of the entrepreneur and the toxic effects of authoritarianism.” —Kirkus Reviews

“An intriguing economics text addressed to post-Soviet Bloc audiences who are interested in business development… a compelling picture of the changes wrought by economic shifts.” —Foreword Clarion Reviews

Perhaps the most culturally and historically significant book Identity Publications has ever worked on, Sadistic Pleasures: Silent Crimes of Azerbaijan contains interviews by journalist Ashkhen Arakelyan. They share the first-hand accounts of Armenian soldiers and civilians who were taken captive and tortured by the army of Azerbaijan during the 44-Day War in 2020 over the disputed territory of Artsakh or Nagorno-Karabakh. Sharing this information is vital to attracting the attention of the United Nations and international human rights organizations who are in a position to stop this war crimes before they get worse.


“Sadistic Pleasures… offers devastating insights into the dynamics of violence defined by a national hatred handed down over many generations, by distrust of one’s neighbor, driven by the need for revenge. Reading this book highlights the chasms of violence to which nationalism leads and invites us to empathize with the victims. It also demonstrates the helplessness of human rights organizations in the face of perpetrators who are determined to dehumanize those at their mercy, to cause them lasting physical and psychological harm. This book prompts us to make an emphatic commitment to humanity and sincere adherence to the principles of international humanitarian law. Sadistic Pleasures is an indispensable source, valuable documentation from which to draw a sense of the inexplicable.”Dr. Mihran Dabag, The Institute for Diaspora and Genocide Studies

The owner of family-run bail bond agency Angels Bail Bonds in Orange County, S.J. Plotkin, recently published his comprehensive guide to all things bail related. Get Bail, Leave Jail is the first book to detail exactly what readers should do if they or someone they love are arrested, how to hire and work with the right bondsmen, and how to see their bond through to exoneration while avoiding the many nefarious pitfalls of this industry.

“A book like Get Bail, Leave Jail that lays out what bail is and why it matters so much in clear and simple language anyone can understand is long overdue for American families. Not only that, but it provides integral tactical advice about how to employ the knowledge here to your advantage in an encounter with the criminal justice system. I consider it essential reading for anyone in a position where they are, sooner or later, liable to have to defend themselves in court against any manner of criminal allegations.” —John M. Rorabaugh, California Bail Law Attorney

Following up on the success of Neurology Rounds with the Maverick, Dr. Bernard M. Patten has release another striking work on mental health and ability, with a specific focus on improving memory this time: Making Mental Might: How to Look Ten Times Smarter Than You Are. Talking a break from the field of medicine and neurology, Dr. Patten also wrote Tap Talk, Tidbits, and Tips for Dilettante Tappers: The World’s Only Completely Nonessential Guide to Tap Dancing. The book is based on his experience dancing with The Silver Star Tappers and experiencing the uncommon world of professional tap dancing.

“Making Mental Might does not aim to increase your IQ or show you how to get smarter. It offers the proper mental training to look, sound, and perform worlds better. These techniques have helped hundreds of students at Rice University’s School of Continuing Studies under Doctor Patten improve their working memory. They can do the same for you.”

“Tap Talk, Tidbits, and Tips for Dilettante Tappers will help your brain direct your heart, nerves, muscles, sinew, and soul to serve your tap-dancing goals and increase your tapping fun. Here you will find ideas, suggestions, and discussions about tap, including the fundamental idea that dance is mainly a task of the mind and not just the body. Dr. Patten shows us how the brain and memory benefit hugely from learning dance, backed up by real psychological studies and personal experience with the Silver Star Tappers of Pasadena, Texas.”

In collaboration with Vít Jedlička, President of Liberland, Identity Publications has produced A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse: Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief by Vítězslav Kremlík. The book is a thoroughly researched and in-depth look at the history, science, and politics of climate change, including what we can predict about its future consequences.

“Vítězslav Kremlík understands that climate alarmism is not a fight against climate but an attempt to shackle human freedom. Climate is just a tool or an excuse for this goal. With its quality and persuasiveness, the book makes an important contribution not only to domestic but also to the global debate. It represents an integral part of a wider protest against the assault on human liberty.

I believe that this lively and convincing book will find its readers and that it will make an important contribution to our not-so-successful battle with climate alarmism.” –Václav Klaus, Former president of the Czech Republic

Everyone Is an Entrepreneur by Gregory V. Diehl
Sadistic Pleasures by Ashkhen Arakelyan
Get Bail, Leave Jail by S.J. Plotkin
A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse by Vitezslav Kremlik

Upcoming Publications

Identity Publications is thrilled to have signed creator and visionary Helena Lind to publish her first groundbreaking book in 2021, working title The Destiny Book: A modern introduction to the history and reality of the world’s foremost metaphysical superpower. We look forward to playing a vital part in bringing this important work to the forefront of reader awareness and spreading the message of discovering the principles of Destiny and their significance for humanity’s future. Identity Publications’ founder Gregory V. Diehl was featured in an exclusive interview on Helena Lind’s Destinosophy talking about publishing books that matter and finding meaning and purpose in life.

Gregory V. Diehl is currently preparing two new non-fiction books for publication in late 2022 and early 2023. One addresses the globally inadequate ways that English as a foreign language is taught in developing nations around the world (that would stand the gain the most from becoming conversationally fluent in it). The other is about the personal experience of existential inclination toward suicide, including the merits or dismerits of doing so from the perspective of the one who suffers from the afflication.

The owner of family-run bail bond agency Angels Bail Bonds in Orange County, CA, Sean Plotkin, is currently working with Identity Publications to author and publish his comprehensive guide to all things bail related. Get Bail, Leave Jail will be the first book to detail exactly what readers should do if they or someone they love are arrested, how to hire and work with the right bondsmen, and how to see their bond through to exoneration while avoiding the many nefarious pitfalls of this industry.
Identity Publications produces and publishes books containing ideas that matter. We believe valuable messages feed the curiosity of readers for generations, adding longevity to the most valuable intellectual products of their authors’ lives. We evaluate books by their influence upon the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the people who read them.