Conception-to-Publication Bestseller Book Offer

Services like Book in a Box charge a minimum of $25,000 to produce and publish an ebook and physical book, with the audiobook bringing the total up to $30,000. A quick analysis of their portfolio of books shows that many of them have very few positive reviews, and low Amazon rankings, even after years of being on sale. They may be high quality books that serve their authors in other ways, but for that level of investment we would be very disappointed if the book weren't at least ranking in the top 100,000 on Amazon and a bestseller in at least one category. It could take a lifetime to recoup the investment made otherwise.

We can produce, publish, and oversee the launch of all three (eBook, physical, and audio) versions of your book for just $20,000 split into 4 monthly payments of $5,000. Our books frequently rank in the top #5,000 to #60,000 on all of Amazon, and some of our authors easily make $2,000+ per month passively from sales of a single book. This success also has a huge impact on the author’s professional reputation and opens the door to other large sources of revenue.

Identity Publications
Identity Publications
Our Goals:
  • Accurately display your unique message in an authentic voice to the world.
  • Establish you as a credible authority in your field.
  • Give you physical and digital marketing tools (physical, ebook, and audiobook) to strategically represent yourself to the people who matter to your success.
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website and build an email list.
  • Create clients and customers for other services and products you offer.
  • Make ongoing passive income from book sales.
Our Process:
  1. Work with you to first produce a comprehensive rough draft for the book, then expand it through critical review and a curated group of beta readers.
  2. Edit, proofread, and format the content of book to professional publications standards. The target length will be 30,000 to 60,000 words (~125 – 250 pages) in most cases.
  3. Acquire Bowker ISBN for print versions of the book.
  4. Design the cover for ebook, audio, and print versions of the finished book, based on experience and market feedback of what will maximize clicks and sales.
  5. Tailor a compelling author bio and book sales content for cover and online listings.
  6. Produce and professionally master the audio narration of the book with male or female narrator. You also have the option to narrate it yourself if you would prefer to use your own voice and have the equipment to do so yourself.
  7. Source early readers, reviewers, and promoters to ensure maximum quality and social proof of finished product.
  8. Share guest content across related blogs, article submission sites, podcasts, radio shows, and anywhere else we can drive traffic back to the book’s Amazon page.
  9. Submit the finished book for professional critical review and to garner promotional blurbs.
  10. Set up a simple webpage for the book with promotional info and email capture (and shopping cart mechanics should you wish to sell the book independently).
  11. Plan a 1-3 day free ebook promotion on Amazon shortly after launch. We will submit the book to all relevant promotional outlets and communities to ensure proper visibility (past promotions have gotten our books in the top 100 of all free books on Amazon consistently).
  12. Set up ongoing Amazon PPC campaigns to advertise your book on targeted keyword searches and relevant books.
  13. Provide supplemental consultation on maximizing sales and making the most on the lifetime value of the book and your role as author.
Important Note:

While we have consistently produced high quality books with successful launches on a variety of subjects, the nature of this work is such that we cannot always guarantee specific results. Many factors beyond our control may positively or negatively influence the success of your book. It may get picked up and promoted by some huge influencer. There may be a competing book launched in the same week that has pumped tens of thousands of dollars into paid advertising.

Our job is to optimize your book's chances of success using the information and resources we have available at the time that we work. Anyone who promises otherwise is lying to you. We focus on long-term success and lasting results.

Your success is our success. We don't take on projects that we don't passionately believe in and foresee the rampant success of.

Optional Services (Additional Investment):
  • Major foreign language translation and publishing (Spanish, German, French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Vietnamese, and more)
  • Ongoing paid advertisement management (Google AdWords, Amazon PPC, Facebooks Ads, Bing Ads, LinkedIn Ads, etc.)
  • Create an online course based on the content of the book and publish to Udemy and other course outlets.
  • Create and manage all relevant social media profiles for your book (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)
Identity Publications