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Identity Publications
Identity Publications is run by authors, entrepreneurs, and educators, who believe impactful ideas deserve visibility.

Partner with us to craft your unique message and leave a meaningful legacy on the world.

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What We Do


Independently publishing a book, eBook, and audiobook is the ultimate way to get your message out in a versatile and convenient format. We work with you to write, design, publish, and promote the book that authentically represents you. To date, every book we’ve published has become an Amazon bestseller. Our authors receive recognition and revenue for their work.

«Build your expert authority. Promote your knowledge as an entrepreneur. Tell your unique story. Share your philosophy.»

Audio Courses
& Lectures

Tailor your long-form message for audio delivery over the course of many sessions. Take time to introduce the premises behind your subject. Expand the information as you go, helping your students reach a profound understanding of new ideas. We work with you to present your message in a logical structure for maximum comprehension. We will record and publish your polished educational material for sale and promotion.

«Teach what matters. Explain your ideals. Share your knowledge in a format that makes sense.»


Show your message visually with presentations, webinars, and actors to tell the ideal story. Short- and long-form videos entertain viewers by combining text, imagery, music, and speaking to deliver more information. Educators get more engagement and build real relationships with viewers.

«Connect with your audience. Foster community engagement. Make a meaningful impact on your customers.»

Identity Publications
Why It Matters
Good ideas often die in the heads of their creators. Don't let yours become another casualty. The technology exists to bring them to life.

Identity Publications knows how to make complex ideas accessible. We can show you how to earn ongoing passive income, as your reputation grows and your message spreads. You will have a powerful set of tools to grow your personal or company brand, and you will find fulfillment as you witness your life's work enjoyed by others.

Work with us and have your message ready for public eyes in just months.

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