About Identity Publications

Identity Publications was started by educator-and-entrepreneur-turned-author, Gregory V. Diehl. The company was founded on the fundamental belief that ideas of great impact, influence, and meaning deserve visibility. For the right kind of author and message, writing and publishing a well-crafted nonfiction book is the ideal way to gain exposure, respect, and royalties. With targeted influence, a once-unknown message can change the world in a specific and powerful way.

For almost four centuries, it has been difficult for ordinary people to become published authors, as even small publishing contracts required enormous faith and investment in the author. Only a few organizations had the production, distribution, and marketing capacity to turn an unknown author into a success. Many of the most successful authors today only got their big breaks after struggling for years, penniless, to find someone willing to take a chance. If a writer did not already have a connection to someone in a position of authority at a publishing house, their chances of even being considered were slim.

If you understand the unique and important advantages afforded to you by the creation and distribution of your own books, you only need to determine the best way to harness them.

Gregory V. Diehl – Founder

My introduction to independent publishing came abruptly and with misfortune. In 2015, I was approached by the owner of a digital author lab with the prospect of assisting with the creation, launch, and marketing of a branding book. The owner of this fraudulent company convinced me I could create a unique book that would be valued and respected among business readers.

Once I learned that the woman I hired had no ability to or intention of delivering what I paid her thousands of dollars to accomplish, I became determined to finish writing and launching the book on my own. After months of meticulous work, Brand Identity Breakthrough became an Amazon bestseller in Public Relations and Sales for Small Business upon launch. My early success inspired me to investigate what else could be done with nonfiction publishing for myself and other authors with important messages. Since then I’ve written and published five of my own books and have many more on the way. I’ve assisted in various aspects of production and publication on countless others from other authors.

I started Identity Publications to give a polished voice to people seeking an outlet for their unique perspectives on important topics. I’ve been able to draw on my experience of teaching and coaching around the world to craft messages for people who deserve a space to spread their ideas – earning money, recognition, and visible influence for their contributions to humanity. My third book, The Influential Author: How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter, contains more than 400 pages of practical advice and introspective philosophy about planning, writing, releasing, and marketing.

My professional background of education, sales, coaching, and writing puts me in a unique position to help prospective authors figure out what they are trying to say and the best way to say it. I can work with them to make their messages complete, yet accessible, to the target audience that will become their dedicated readers. If you aren’t sure if our services are right for what you want to communicate, you can contact me directly by emailing gregory@identitypublications.com. I only work with people with a message I can stand behind and that I am uniquely qualified to help create, refine, and promote. Learn more about me by visiting https://www.gregorydiehl.net/

Ready to Talk about Publishing?

Identity Publications produces and publishes books containing ideas that matter. We believe valuable messages feed the curiosity of readers for generations, adding longevity to the most valuable intellectual products of their authors’ lives. We evaluate books by their influence upon the thoughts, feelings, and actions of the people who read them.